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Make Your Own Luck in 2013 with the Who Online Edition

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We’re loving the new look of the Who, Identity’s quarterly newsletter. If you haven’t gotten the chance to take a look at it, lucky you! It’s now available online for your viewing pleasure at Whether you’re looking to up your luck heading into spring or feeling fortunate in 2013 already, take a look at… Read more »

Big News From Identity – New Partner & Video Series

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Today is an exciting day at the Identity office! First, we just announced that Andrea Trapani is now partner. She’s joining Mark Winter to help us continue growing the agency. Huge congrats to Andrea! Next, the social media team has been working hard on developing a video series. Today, we launched the first video in… Read more »

How Great Challenges Can Create Great Opportunities

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As painful as the economic downturn was for most businesses, that unprecedented time of turbulence also created great opportunities for those of us who dared to think differently. I credit the first two quarters of 2009, arguably the scariest six months in Identity’s 14-year history, with changing our course of history in many positive ways…. Read more »

Exploring the Naked Business Model

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Don’t worry…this post is “G” rated. The “naked” I’m referring to here is freedom from fear. According to Getting Naked, an outstanding business book written by Patrick Lencioni, the main thing that comes between service providers and unwavering client loyalty is just that—fear. Three fears, to be exact. In this post, I will provide an overview of the book, expounding upon concepts that are particularly prevalent in the daily lives of PR professionals. I’ll also provide a few examples of effective execution I have seen here at Identity.

Video of the Week: Public Relations Then and Now

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Public Relations has gone through quite a transformation over the past few years and it currently shows no signs of slowing down. It’s evolution from the traditional media relations of yesterday, to the new social media driven campaigns of today, have changed the way people view and define the industry.