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Top ID Tags Posts in 2011

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We’re about to wrap up another successful year at Identity. 2011 was a pretty big year for us. It was the first full year we spent in our new office space. We added both new clients and new team members. And most importantly, we have tons of examples of great work that we can be proud of from this past year.

Why Logos Mean Things

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Most companies—if not all, in this day and age—have a corporate logo. But ask 10 CEOs to explain what their logo represents and you’ll get 7 quizzical looks, 2 fumbling non-responses and 1 “I don’t know.” Your logo (font treatment and, potentially, your logo mark—the graphic next your name) is the visual representation of your brand.

Fun with Logos

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A great brand is one that is recognizable by everyone, sometimes without even the benefit of the written word. By that I mean…take the Nike swoosh, for example….or the McDonald’s golden arches. One needn’t read “nike” or “McDonald’s” underneath the logos to recognize what those logos represent in being and brand. So have fun with… Read more »