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Mayoral PR in Detroit

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Our last mayor was famous for saying, “It’s a great time in Detroit.” Outside of twisting that into puns, I won’t speculate what the current mayor would say. But Crain’s Detroit Business has an interesting article (subscription required) this week on the media coverage of the recent goings on in our beloved city. Most think… Read more »

PR nightmare

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Contrary to the recent smooth moves of Paris Hilton’s PR people, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has positioned himself in such a public relations conundrum that even the most savvy publicists don’t stand a chance to clean up the mess he has made. Due to his recent stint in jail (reminder: never leave the country without calling… Read more »

when to leave it alone — even if you're the guy in the red dress

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Today, the Mayor of Detroit’s communications department provided another valuable lesson on what not to do in the realm of public relations. The Detroit News ran a photo, first run in The Hill, that shows the Mayor in a red dress on stage during his junior high years. Rather than explaining that he — and… Read more »