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Critical Interview Advice From a PR Agency Owner

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I have two teenage daughters at home, and they have heard their fair share of business stories and “Markisms” during the last 10 years. I cannot help myself in using real world situations to demonstrate both the significant opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for them. In the last six months, we have been recruiting… Read more »

Re: A Tale of Two Interviews

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Interesting observation. I would only add that the adage, Forewarned is forearmed, is appropriate here. Not only is there value in recognizing that there may be perceived bias going into an interview, but also being aware of what that potential bias is and how to a.) avoid finding yourself in an adversarial position with the… Read more »

Open Mic Night

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Reverend Jesse Jackson’s recent verbal gaffe, in which he made some derisive comments about presidential hopeful Barack Obama (not providing a link due to language—you can google it) reminded me of media relations’ Golden Rule: Never say anything to a journalist you wouldn’t be completely comfortable seeing in print or on air. The interview does… Read more »