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Suh a Case Study in Reputation Management

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It is a classic and relevant example of someone getting out in front of the story. Suh could’ve very well left well enough alone, allowing the reputation to fester and living with the consequences. But a negative public perception was affecting his ability to be successful on the field (and likely in the endorsement arena—the rest of the “business” associated with professional sports), so he took action to correct it.

Defining Down the Press Conference

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Every once in a while, an organization comes along to redefine define down the public relations profession. So once again leave it to our beloved Detroit Lions to change the rules all over again. They take center stage to serve up a non-announcement about not hiring a potential coaching candidate to the media for speculative… Read more »

Give Me Something to Believe In

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More and more, it seems, professional sports teams are making an effort to brand themselves. We’ve seen a lot of this in Detroit, especially, and I suspect it’s true nationwide. The Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons have been particularly successful in that regard, while other teams…not so much. The latest effort is that of… Read more »