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Important Reminders When Choosing Imagery for Holiday Cards

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The holidays are upon us. As companies begin creating custom holiday cards to send to their clients/customers, vendors and other business partners, it’s important to keep in mind that there should be the right balance between looking like a holiday greeting and not offending recipients who are of different faiths.

How can you approach this task with tact and respect to avoid offending anyone who will receive one of your company holiday cards? A simple way to avoid unintentionally upsetting anyone is to have a strong understanding of what holiday imagery is associated with a specific faith. Some are obvious – most people know that “Merry Christmas” is related to Christianity.

3 Things Designers Should Do to Start Working in WordPress

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It’s been about a year now scene I’ve started working in WordPress. I’ve learned so much in this past year, and I wanted to share how I got to where I am today for other designers who are interested in expanding their WordPress knowledge. My progress would not have been possible without the following three things:

1. Taking an HTML class

During my undergrad, I had a few Dreamweaver courses and interned at the University of Michigan News Service updating the code on their old sites. So, I knew what HTML looked like and could recognize tags, but I didn’t really know what it did and how it worked until I took the HTML class. It taught me all the basics that I needed for a strong foundational knowledge about WordPress.

Why Design is More Than Just Creating Pretty Pictures

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The challenge of generating broad appeal is the reason why designers exist. Making things “pretty” is nice, but design is more than aesthetics. It is the means by which we marry strategic messages with effective visual communication vehicles. Here’s what we’re looking for to make that union a happy, successful one:

The Good 'Ole Days of Branding

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What is it about nostalgic products that brings a sense of comfort to shoppers…along with an urge to buy? Whether it is old fashioned candy, the actual product, or a modern product in a retro outfit, taking consumers back to the good ‘ole days is proving to be quite effective, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Finding Inspiration Through the Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series

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The Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series is a program at the University of Michigan (one that I attended for eight semesters every Thursday while I was a student) that is also open to the public. The program showcases all types of creative artists, including film and dance. Approximately once a semester, there is a lecture… Read more »