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Five-and-a-Half Lessons in Creativity From the World’s Best Restaurant

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“At the moment, taste doesn’t matter to us, that comes later. At the moment, what matters is whether something is magical, whether it opens up a new path.” -Ferran Adrià You wouldn’t think that one of the most innovative chefs in the world would ignore taste at any point in his culinary process. You wouldn’t think that… Read more »

How Ideation Sessions Foster Bright Ideas

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Prior to one Brent Eastman joining the Identity team, the term “ideation” was entirely foreign to me. According to Webster, the definition of ideation is simply “the capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas.” Pretty straightforward on the surface, but, speaking from firsthand experience, the process of ideation can truly generate unique thoughts and concepts that one person sitting behind a desk would be hard pressed to develop. Thus, the following discussion of the Identity Creative Process.

Why Design is More Than Just Creating Pretty Pictures

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The challenge of generating broad appeal is the reason why designers exist. Making things “pretty” is nice, but design is more than aesthetics. It is the means by which we marry strategic messages with effective visual communication vehicles. Here’s what we’re looking for to make that union a happy, successful one:

Making an Ad Impact: Every 80 Seconds

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How often do you look at an ad and say, “What in the world?” “Why is there a creepy baby talking?” or “Why are there random vikings in the Capital One commercials?” Sure, these campaigns are memorable, although, I will argue, not for any other underlying reason than ridiculous imagery. Milling around the Internet about three… Read more »

Finding Inspiration Through the Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series

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The Penny W. Stamps Speaker Series is a program at the University of Michigan (one that I attended for eight semesters every Thursday while I was a student) that is also open to the public. The program showcases all types of creative artists, including film and dance. Approximately once a semester, there is a lecture… Read more »