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How to Reignite Your Writing

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Whether it’s social media, media relations, advertising, journalism, etc., there is a LOT of writing in the communications field. Reading and writing business material helps to keep your brain on track for creating the right content and style. However, numerous styles of writing – from press releases to blog posts and Facebook posts to ad… Read more »

Beating the Block…Writer's Block

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As an English major in college, I spent a good portion of my time writing papers. Papers about books I’d read, how strange my family is, Disney World, why pre-1600 literature is riddled with sexual innuendo…you name it, there is a good chance I wrote a paper about it. One would think that with that many written projects under my belt, writing would come naturally to me by now. To some extent, that’s true. Unfortunately, I don’t write as often as I used to, so I’ve definitely gotten rusty. In the midst of the day-to-day distractions, the dreaded mental incapacitation that plagues so many seeking the written word sets in—writer’s block.