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Creative Integration: How to Foster Creativity in Your Current Culture

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I recently spoke at the Envision Conference on the complexity of comorbidity as it relates to the synthesis of body, mind and spirit. Although I was speaking more about how mindfulness practice can aid in increased compassion in care-related fields (the 150 in attendance were primarily counselors and nurses), I used the example of how… Read more »

Clogging the Creative Process With Fear

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When faced with a new creative challenge, new product development or even a brand refresh, many people clog their own process with fear-based thinking. They start with “what is safe” and “let’s not go too overboard” and usually end up with “the same old thing.” Going out on a limb is never an easy step… Read more »

How Ideation Sessions Foster Bright Ideas

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Prior to one Brent Eastman joining the Identity team, the term “ideation” was entirely foreign to me. According to Webster, the definition of ideation is simply “the capacity for or the act of forming or entertaining ideas.” Pretty straightforward on the surface, but, speaking from firsthand experience, the process of ideation can truly generate unique thoughts and concepts that one person sitting behind a desk would be hard pressed to develop. Thus, the following discussion of the Identity Creative Process.