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Why You Must Have Consistent Colors Across All Brand Touch Points

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In a recent post, we wrote about driving brand consistency and the challenges of keeping harmonious color throughout your entire brand in print. But, how do we achieve consistency when presenting digitally? Compared to print, a digital screen uses an entirely different process of displaying colors called RGB, meaning everything displayed on a screen is… Read more »

How to Manage Color Consistencies For Effective Branding

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Last month, in the first of our three-part series about managing brand consistencies, we discussed the importance of delivering a consistent brand experience and message. Even with the help of a Brand Standards Guide, maintaining a high level of brand consistency in today’s digital age can be challenging and often overwhelming.

Color recognition is one of the most powerful components of effective branding, which makes managing color across multiple platforms and communication channels a difficult part of brand management. Many of the world’s most successful brands are recognized instantly by their color, such as McDonald’s yellow, Coca-Cola’s red and Yahoo’s purple.