• green with envy?

    , Posted on Mar 13

    Virtually every industry, and therefore every industry publication, is placing considerable emphasis on "green" initiatives. Sustainability...environmentalism...call it what you like; there's no debating that the issue is foremost in the minds of many. Take a look at the past several issues of the trade publication you read most frequently, and notice the space and time devoted to issues of green.

    This presents a tremendous opportunity from a PR standpoint, for companies who are in any way embracing sustainability. Whole industries have become environmental advocates; editors and reporters are sympathetic and open to interesting stories about green trends and news. Any company that is doing its part to preserve, clean or conserve has a story to tell...and likely a media outlet willing to listen.

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  • Early is On Time. On Time is Late. Late is Rude.

    , Posted on Mar 11

    Have you ever considered that your timing is actually a form of communication?  If you are always very early you are anxious and have too much time on your hands.  If you are early you clearly respect the person you are meeting with.  If you are running in at the last minute, you are out of control.  And, if you are late, you don't care enough about the meeting to deserve the meeting in the first place.  Think about it.

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