• CBS + Facebook = March Madness Match

    , Posted on Mar 20

    Dan Greenfield has a great post on his blog detailing how CBS utilized Facebook as a buzz-building, community-enriching medium for March Madness.

    "CBS Sports has done a terrific job in using its Facebook page to leverage the power of social media. Its Facebook bracket application is expected to engage millions of users, whether they are die-hard fans or casual observers."

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  • What drives Web 2.0?

    , Posted on Mar 18

    After an industry event on Web 2.0 held this past February in Detroit, I walked away with the "Five Cs" scratched into my notes. These driving forces behind the social media/Web 2.0 movement came courtesy of special guest speaker Michael Pranikoff, director of emerging media for PRNewswire.

    Content, Collaboration, Community, Conversation and Converged Services signify a revolution in the way the Web is being utilized. Internet users are no longer simply retrieving information, they are creating their own. Audiences want to be engaged with a vivid user experience. This has led to dynamic content, a lack of boundaries and user participation becoming essential attributes for Web-based marketing strategies.

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