• In the wake of recent hurricanes and severe storms that have affected millions in the United States, it feels as though everyone has been willing to lend a helping hand. From individuals who drove their boats to Houston to rescue victims of the floods to large corporations writing checks for the American Red Cross and other relief agencies, help has come from many different places. When it comes to a crisis, our nation knows how to come together for the greater good.

    But when it comes to corporate donations, there’s a fine line between donating because you care about the cause and donating because you want to boost your company’s reputation. When I listened to a recent NPR interview, a quote from Mustafa Tameez, the managing director of Houston-based PR firm Outreach Strategists, stood out to me.

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  • 5 Lifestyle Brands With Winning Content Strategies

    , Posted on Sep 13

    A brand voice represents a powerful expression of your company's personality. When honed properly with an effective content strategy, a company can use its brand voice to captivate audiences, followers, customers and business partners. Whether you’re speaking to your audience on social media, through an email campaign, blog, print materials or other platforms, your brand voice should speak volumes to your company’s voice, tone and core values.

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