• logo-design-lessons

    Logo Design Lessons From the Campaign Trail

    , Posted on Jul 22

    It seems as though campaign season has started early. With more than 16 months until the next presidential election, there are already more than 20 candidates who have declared their intention to be the next American president. The upcoming barrage of campaign calls may seem a nuisance to some, but we should not overlook the opportunity to learn some poignant logo design lessons on branding and visual identity from the quickly mounting, literal landscape of yard signs.

    As a point of reflection, the 2008 campaign of President Barack Obama was notably the first time in American history that a campaign logo was used (and well executed) as a foundation for broader marketing strategy. During the course of that election (and the subsequent 2012 election), the signature O with red and white horizon stripes was repurposed, incorporated and evolved into design efforts targeting virtually every conceivable demographic in the country.1 That strategic design success has certainly been noted, and replication attempts are in progress by the current crop of candidates.

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  • New-Website

    Unveiling a New and Improved Identity Website

    , Posted on Jul 16

    A company’s website is often its most powerful marketing tool. It serves as an information and engagement portal where existing clients and partners, prospects and potential employees can go to get a virtual snapshot of your capabilities, differentiators, culture and connectivity.

    A decade ago, a professional services firm could (and did) experience great results by simply treating its website like a digital brochure. The message and look could remain untouched for years.

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