Like Gating is Dead, But Facebook Marketing Isn’t

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There are other ways to increase your Facebook engagement and show value without like gating. After all, a like is not the only metric that counts.

3 Lessons Learned After My First 90 Days at a PR Agency

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Ninety days may not seem like an ample amount of time to share career wisdom, but at a fast-paced agency like Identity, there’s quite a bit of knowledge gathered. While I’m far from the speed of fellow social media team members, I have become acclimated to our culture, clients and the agency lifestyle in general.

How Traditional Journalism Has – and Has Not – Changed in the Digital Era

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It’s no secret that the journalism industry as a whole has undergone a seismic shift in the past decade. From the unprecedented popularity of social media platforms and the economic collapse of the late 2000s, to today’s charge to mobile and the ever-shortening news cycle, traditional journalism has had to evolve.