Is Your Social Media Strategy Worthy of a Golden Globe?

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On Sunday, the Golden Globes officially kicked off the Hollywood awards season. As I was watching actors and actresses walk on stage to accept their awards, I couldn’t help but notice that many of the factors that go into winning a Golden Globe can also be applied to executing a successful social media strategy. It all starts with an award-worthy screenplay…

Marketing Collateral Advice: Why Pocket Folders Are the Enemy

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As we embark on another new year, many companies are taking a look at their marketing collateral and considering whether it’s time for an update or upgrade. If you’re in that position, let me offer this piece of creative counsel: Whenever possible, avoid the 9” x 12” pocket folder!

Tricks of the Trade Show

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The International Association of Exhibitions and Events estimates that nearly 33,000 trade shows take place each year throughout the United States and internationally, with more planned to be added in the coming years. A growing and valuable resource, having representation at trade shows can offer a number of benefits to your company—the trick is finding the right shows that will add the right value at the right time based on your company’s goals and objectives.

How to Empower Company Brand Ambassadors to Share Online Content

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Your mom isn’t the only one who will like and share your company’s most recent blog post. But you know who will? Let me give you a hint. You spend more time with them than your friends or family, you sometimes eat lunch together and most importantly for this post, they’re your strongest brand ambassadors. If you think I’m talking about your co-workers, you’re correct.

Leverage Blog Content Seeding to Gain New Readers

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A few weeks ago, a local organization here in Detroit was promoting the launch of its new website and blog. The company celebrated the launch by hosting a Facebook contest and giving away prizes, which is not an uncommon practice. The contest was outlined on a post that was featured on the newly launched blog. Normally, I’m not one to click on this type of posts. However, I was intrigued. I thought, “OK, I’ll bite.” What I experienced next reminded me why blog content seeding truly matters.

How to Masterfully Curate Social Media Photo Campaigns

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Social media is a fantastic way to feature your organization’s spirit and work culture, no matter what its size. Organizations with multiple locations across cities, states and countries often have a plethora of events happening all year long, and many of them probably want to share photos of what they’re up to.