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    Imagine if you could regularly communicate and connect with existing clients and prospects alike in a format that is both impactful and affordable. In this scenario, you control the content entirely, and you have virtually unlimited flexibility to select and present the messaging and imagery to present your company’s products and/or services in the best possible light. As an added bonus, imagine that you could do this with few (if any) limitations with respect to format, and that the result of this communications and PR tool would be your ability to keep your brand, your message and your accomplishments top of mind with your target audiences.

    The good news is that this isn’t a fictional scenario—it’s well within the grasp of any company. The better news is that it isn’t an obscure or complicated new tool, it’s one of the oldest, most familiar and most reliable methods of communicating with a target audience: the newsletter. Whether a traditional hard copy newsletter that arrives in the mail, or a digital version that is distributed electronically, newsletters are often an overlooked, underrated and underappreciated communications tool.

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    The job market continues to change drastically, and employers are constantly looking for new ways to identify, recruit and retain top talent. So how can companies differentiate themselves from the competition in a way that makes them more appealing to jobseekers? Some of these PR initiatives may help:

    Generate visibility with a wider range of jobseekers. Many local news outlets dedicate space to companies with open positions by sharing the types of positions they are hiring for, and the qualifications required. For instance, Channel 7 WXYZ in Detroit has a dedicated “Workers Wanted” segment featuring companies with job openings. These types of segments can generate positive exposure for your company and current open positions outside of mainstays like CareerBuilder, Indeed and LinkedIn.

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