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    Pavel Datsyuk and the Art of the Media Exclusive

    , Posted on Apr 25

    Rumors about Pavel Datsyuk’s future with the Detroit Red Wings have been swirling all season. While he still has one year left on his contract, fans have been asking for the better part of the 2015-16 season: Will Datsyuk stay, or will he go back home to Russia?

    Datsyuk released news of his intentions in a unique and strategic way—rather than releasing the news to the masses by hosting a press conference, or sending out a press release, he and his agent chose to do an exclusive interview with Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press. The comprehensive story clocked in at nearly 2,500 words, and through a series of interviews and reflections on big moments over the past few years, allowed Datsyuk to explain in detail why he intends to leave the NHL after this season ends. At Datsyuk’s request, the Free Press waited to publish the story until the day after the Wings’ regular season ended.

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    Why LinkedIn Should be Part of Your Employee Handbook

    , Posted on Apr 20

    A company handbook is an important and effective communication tool between an employer and employees, and it sets forth the company’s expectations.

    Even though the content of an employee handbook may vary from business to business, it can often include a welcome/mission statement, company overview, policies and procedures, holidays, dress code, benefits, legal obligations as an employer, employee’s rights and more.

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