• User-experience

    For anyone thinking about creating a website, understanding how to appreciate, prioritize and leverage the power of user experience is important. Essentially, the user experience describes how easy it is for someone to navigate and utilize a website. The idea encompasses a range of topics including ease of use, accessibility and the logical and intuitive flow from one page to the next.

    To get a real-world sense of what a great user experience looks like (and feels like), think about the iconic example of Apple. One of the great strengths of Apple products is the outstanding user experience. For such complicated pieces of technology, they are remarkably easy and enjoyable to use. Apple’s famously minimalist instruction “manuals” are a testament to the intuitive interface and ease of use of its products.

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  • brand-position-on-social-issues

    As we gathered around the television and intently watched the Supreme Court legalize same-sex marriage in all states, one of the first thoughts that came to my brand-enthused mind was: How are organizations going to respond? How are companies going to take a stance on this controversial, divided social issue.

    Just moments after the court’s ruling, many consumer brands that applauded the decision took to social media and tweeted out content that clearly defined their position on same-sex marriage. The first across my feed that caught my eye was VISA, with an image of two hands in the air with a multi-colored flag in the background with a bold headline, “Love. Accepted everywhere.” Companies such as Google have been historically vocal on the issue of marriage equality for some time, but others are jumping on as public opinion shifts.

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