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    Detroit truly is the comeback city.

    The housing market is rebounding with high-demand developments popping up everywhere. Businesses are planting themselves in Downtown and Midtown to be at the center of all the action. And a brand new arena development is being planted as the cornerstone of The Detroit District—the $1.2 billion live, work and play destination that will connect Downtown to Midtown.

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    In a constantly evolving landscape, it’s important to keep up with trends, technologies and media preferences. Newsrooms don’t look how they used to or function as they once did. Beat reporting has all but disappeared as today’s reporters are expected to do more with less while generating more stories than ever. Press materials once mailed out through USPS can now be communicated directly through a 140-character tweet.

    Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report recently surveyed journalists regarding important media trends and their impact for the PR and communications industry. Here are some of the results and our take on their implications.

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