• Establishing Your Company Voice in Content Marketing

    , Posted on Aug 17

    Content marketing is a crucial component of the modern PR mix. At its heart, it represents one of the most effective marketing means to attract potential customers, establish thought leadership around a particular subject, create lead magnets and valuable offers, and build your overall company or personal brand.

    While the content itself is important, how you say it is just as crucial. Part of building your brand is deciding on the tone of your blog, e-books and social media posts.

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  •  At a time when new tools and emerging technologies further enhance temptations for PR professionals to blast out information to a lengthy list of reporters and see what sticks, the value in creating long-lasting relationships with reporters, editors and media outlets has become more important than ever.

    Forging those relationships with members of the media can help you gain a better understanding of the types of stories they are looking for and how you can best help them tell those stories. With that knowledge in hand, you can be more strategic with story pitches and give reporters something you know they will want to cover.

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