• Why Caribou Coffee Gets Email Marketing

    , Posted on Aug 22

    Let me start with this question: How many emails do you get on an average day? Remember, don't just count your work account; include your personal one in there, too. Is your head spinning? Your email is most likely victim to a barrage of e-blasts, all along the lines of this company's the best and that company has a new president, and don't forget about that other company's latest products!

    At first, I tried to keep up. Ryan Cabrera has a newsletter? Oreos will email me new flavors? Of course I'll sign up!

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  • Video of the Week: Anderson Cooper Giggle Fest

    , Posted on Aug 19

    Happy Friday! We're capping off the week with a video that is making its rounds on the Internet - Anderson Cooper's giggle fest.

    As part of his RidicuList, Anderson shares news that French actor Gerard Depardieu is accused of urinating on a plane. After several back-to-back puns with intermittent chuckles, Anderson can no longer keep it together after saying the plane's cleaning crew should be thankful it wasn't "Depar-two" (as in going #2 - get it, get it?). All hope of nicely wrapping up this rant-filled segment is totally lost at this point.

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