• Become A Good Samaritan

    , Posted on Jun 15

    As Identity continues our annual corporate giving campaign, we look to Q2 and our partnership with the Samaritan House—a community service organization devoted to serving individuals and families by recognizing their needs and mobilizing the means for dealing with those needs so that suffering can be relieved, dignity preserved and love shared.

    Leading up to the 2012 school year, Identity will be holding a backpack drive to send local kids back to school prepared, confident and ready to learn. Looking back, there are many memories around picking out that perfect backpack for the new school year. Whether you went for Super Heroes, Barbies or Care Bears (ahem, Brandon Chesnutt - kidding!), those were cherished moments that marked the beginning of the next step.

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  • Brandjacking—What’s Mine is (Not) Yours

    , Posted on Jun 14

    I started my Wednesday morning last week with a very disturbing e-mail from Brandon Chesnutt, our director of social media, sharing two unbelievable screen shots from a new competitor in the market.

    We'll call her Voldemort. The first image was taken directly from Voldemort’s home page. As you can see from the following images from our site, not only did Voldemort rip off the creative (right down to the images used) on our home page, she lifted our messaging word for word with regard to our areas of specialty.

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