Advertising 2.0?

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In the days of DVR and Tivo when it’s possible to “skip” the commercials, some companies are getting more creative with their advertising budgets and targeting the tech-savvy audiences of this 2.0 world we live in. Last month, I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal introducing Vogue magazine’s Web-based reality series about the fashion… Read more »

Presidential Politics and PR

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I stand by my evaluation of the presidential candidates from a PR perspective. But for another, more recent, take, check out Advertising Age. I found this passage especially interesting, which draws a distinction between my generation and the current generation of young consumers: …Gen Xers required niche marketing: “If too many people liked something, it… Read more »

good news for the animals…

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Fans of the Detroit Zoo have something to cheer about…the 80-year-old community destination will stay open. In the face of all the negative media in the city of Detroit and the country as a whole, it is great to see people eager to keep such a remarkable family destination in business. One company doing its… Read more »

PR nightmare

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Contrary to the recent smooth moves of Paris Hilton’s PR people, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has positioned himself in such a public relations conundrum that even the most savvy publicists don’t stand a chance to clean up the mess he has made. Due to his recent stint in jail (reminder: never leave the country without calling… Read more »

Re: Who Would Have Thought?!

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The scary thing, Anne, is that Paris’s articulation of an energy plan makes more sense than that of either candidate, and is messaged more understandably and more convincingly than what either candidate has been able to manage. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Kudos <gasp, shriek> to Hilton’s PR handlers and writers. Great move, and executedly… Read more »