Re: Paper Promotes Print Edition on Web

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That is a bold redesign, Andrea. If you click on the link, it’s readily apparent that this will look like few other newspapers in the country. In the modern era, where even a long blog post seems too time-consuming to be bothered with, it seems imperative that the “old media” move in this direction. Nicholas… Read more »

It never gets old

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The points mentioned in this article are always worth repeating. We can’t stress enough the importance of understanding what reporters need and how to best serve as a trusted resource. Although the media landscape is changing daily with emerging media and new trends, how to best communicate and provide information to reporters is timeless and… Read more »

Re: Explaining Social Media

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Brandon, that Common Craft tutorial had me all atwitter about their deconstruction of “Twitter,” which you posted some time ago. I love their “In Plain English” approach and the way they playfully illustrate concepts and technology: Seems like the Internets keep inventing new stuff, just when I get the old new stuff figured out!

The Blurring Line Between News Media and Bloggers

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This is interesting. The Associated Press is asking bloggers not to re-post their content: An AP attorney filed six Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown requests this week demanding the removal of blog entries and another for a user comment. So quoting published text, and publishing it in a blog, could be akin to copyright infringement…. Read more »