• How HTML5 Impacts the Future of Online Marketing

    , Posted on Oct 04

    HTML5 is here, and it will save us all from everything. First of all, it will kill Flash. We’ll also have better video and audio, faster websites, easier-to-build Web pages, better animation and in-browser games. Plus, HTML5 will save the global economy and provide tax breaks to everyone.

    OK, maybe that last part is just wishful thinking.

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  • Tips on How to Create Effective Signage

    , Posted on Sep 30

    Lately, as I drive to work each morning, I’ve been noticing a lot of signage – a lot of poor signage. Those small yard signs that you see at the intersections usually advertising a fair, church function or some sort of liquidation sale are so crammed full of information that you can’t even read it when you're at the stop light 10 feet away. So, it got me thinking that perhaps some tips on effective sign and display design would be a good topic for my next blog post…

    Signage is a very affordable means of advertising. There is a lot more to designing both indoor and outdoor signage than sometimes meets the eye. Most people don’t realize that there are many questions and factors that should be taken into consideration before and during the design process.

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