• Mind Your RFPs and Qs

    , Posted on Feb 22

    Let's start with a scenario. A man walks into his doctor's office and tells the doctor, "I'm having pain in my foot. So, I'm going to a number of doctors to get quotes on what it will cost me to have the foot removed. I'd like you to explain your process for amputation, give me a budget, and provide three references for whom you've performed this work in the past. If I like what I see in your response, I will bring you in for an interview."

    Seems silly, right? Yet, it's not too far removed from what many organizations are doing to address their own needs and in finding qualified business partners. The shortcomings of the absurdity illustrated above should be obvious:

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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Using QR Codes

    , Posted on Feb 21

    QR codes hit the market a couple years ago with high expectations of becoming the next genius marketing tool. The QR code, short for Quick Response code, was created by DENSO in 1994 to help track automotive parts (disclosure: Identity has worked with DENSO in the past). Fifteen years later, these two-dimensional, pixelated bar codes started taking root in mobile marketing. However, they haven’t taken off quite yet. The reason for this is two-fold: People don’t know what a QR code is (or what they are supposed to do with it), and marketers often don’t use them strategically.

    When deciding to use a QR code, placement and product are equally important. The QR code must be easily accessible where the user can be standing still with enough time to get his/her phone and scanner ready, scan the code, open the link and view the content.

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