• How hot topics can ‘ad’ to a communications campaign—or leave consumers heated

    September 11th
    Messages this year surrounding the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks flooded communications online, in print and on air, as to be expected. But with my observation of topics trending this weekend, I saw something more prevalent than ever before — an increasingly heated debate over the use of major events, such as the Twin Towers tragedy, to promote brands.

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  • Identity played host to the Detroit Bloggers meetup last night with speaker Hajj Flemings, who talked about personal branding and blogging. Hajj is a personal brand strategist, speaker, author, CEO and founder of Brand Camp University and CEO and Co-Founder of Gokit.

    If you know anything about Hajj or have ever heard him speak, you know the man ain't fakin' it when it comes to personal branding. He knows his stuff! Whether you blog for personal or professional reasons, you can learn a thing or two from what Hajj shared at this event. Here are some key takeaways, plus a short video with Hajj elaborating on brands as stories and why identity is critical when blogging:

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