The Difference Between a Crisis and a Problem

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We hear a lot in our business about “crisis communications” and “crisis management.” This begs the question: When is something a crisis, and when is it merely a problem? For example, if I told you that there was a phenomenon affecting less than two percent of homeowners, would you consider that a crisis, or a… Read more »

The Social Media Groundswell

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Paul Dunay’s Buzz Marketing for Technology blog recently posted a podcast featuring Charlene Li, author of “Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.” Li has some great insight on why every business should implement a social media strategy. Simply stated: think like consumers. Social media tools and interactive avenues are what CONSUMERS are… Read more »

ICSC: Impressions from a first-timer

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This was my first time attending the annual RECON convention of the International Council of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas. Since I have no previous experience to compare it with, I can’t comment on how it fared against prior shows. Pre-registration was down a bit, according to ICSC, from 47,000 to 43,000, and many reported… Read more »

re: never too young

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This goes back to the importance of personal branding.  Companies are beginning to recognize that the line between individually branding their employees and branding their entire company has slowly started to fade.  Many though leaders, such a Personal Branding blogger Dan Schawbel, offer insight into how a company’s branding and an individual’s branding affect the… Read more »