Christian the Lion Goes Big Time

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Who says viral marketing won’t work for you? Our friend Christian the Lion made it onto The Today Show, all because of a cute viral video that made its way around the Web. There’s a lesson to be learned here. Well, more than just “a pet’s love is forever.” Viral marketing works, and just may… Read more »

Watch out Hollywood!

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The effects of the recent boom in the Michigan film industry are tangible. Local business owners, like Royal Oak barber Ted Widgren, are even being “discovered” by such notable Hollywood personalities as Clint Eastwood, who asked Mr. Widgren to act as an extra in his film Gran Torino, which is being filmed in suburbs around… Read more »

look before you leap

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Let’s face it — social media isn’t a fad. The numbers don’t lie, more and more people are having online conversations everyday and sharing content, and many businesses are enjoying the benefits. Social media has opened doors and created new opportunities to connect with customers, collaborate with employees and grow overall brand awareness in an… Read more »