hollywood in detroit: the sequel

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Still need more proof that the film industry is coming to Michigan? Look no further. Join us at the Detroit Institute of Arts on June 26th for the world premiere of Unbeatable Harold, written by and starring Michigan native Gordon Michaels, Golden Globe Winner Dylan McDermott and veteran actor Henry Winkler. The comedy will launch… Read more »

Re: Paper Promotes Print Edition on Web

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That is a bold redesign, Andrea. If you click on the link, it’s readily apparent that this will look like few other newspapers in the country. In the modern era, where even a long blog post seems too time-consuming to be bothered with, it seems imperative that the “old media” move in this direction. Nicholas… Read more »

It never gets old

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The points mentioned in this article are always worth repeating. We can’t stress enough the importance of understanding what reporters need and how to best serve as a trusted resource. Although the media landscape is changing daily with emerging media and new trends, how to best communicate and provide information to reporters is timeless and… Read more »