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    Not too long ago, PR pros were convinced that the only effective way of proving results was through counting clips of media coverage and/or AVEs (advertising value equivalents). Don’t get me wrong — showing PR results through positive and quality media coverage will forever remain valuable. It’s important to show that awareness has been raised about the company or a specific initiative, and it’s great for comparing against competitors (and share of voice), but media/blog coverage can and should be complemented by other important metrics — particularly if social media and other online efforts are part of your PR strategy.

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  • Video of the Week: No, No, No Cat

    , Posted on Nov 18

    If you've checked out any of our videos of the week over the past year, it's pretty obvious that when it comes to videos of animals, we are partial to ridiculously funny cat videos. Let's be honest - how can you NOT love the many cat videos on YouTube? Cats do the craziest things.

    I have to say that out of all the cat videos I've ever watched, "no, no, no cat" is my absolute favorite. I laugh so hard that I cry every time I watch this video.

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