Open Mic Night

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Reverend Jesse Jackson’s recent verbal gaffe, in which he made some derisive comments about presidential hopeful Barack Obama (not providing a link due to language—you can google it) reminded me of media relations’ Golden Rule: Never say anything to a journalist you wouldn’t be completely comfortable seeing in print or on air. The interview does… Read more »

Investigating One Of Their Own

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This week in Detroit, we saw local news outlets buzz about a prominent morning news anchor on FOX 2 and her alleged involvement in a Detroit city sludge contract under federal investigation. From a news standpoint, it was incredibly interesting to watch this investigative report done by the FOX station regarding the situation. I thought… Read more »

I hope Batman has room in his utility belt for all that cash…

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I think it has been pretty well documented that cannot wait for The Dark Knight, which is hitting theaters next week.  The film’s marketing, including a very elaborate and engaging viral campaign, ensnared me and the millions of fan boys eagerly anticipating the film’s release and has built a Bat-buzz rivaling that of 1989′s Batman…. Read more »