Publishing in the Digital Age

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We’ve written before about magazines that are either going all-digital or launching another, digital version of their publication (again, not an online version…a digital version). dBusiness is the latest (that I know of) to enter the fray. Check it out…I do think this is pretty cool. Is this the future of magazine publishing?

re: Social Media

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Interesting article. I especially liked this: Indeed, for now, Twitter appears to be winning the microblogging arms race. The service boasted an estimated 1.2 million unique visitors in May alone, and may be valued in the eye-popping neighborhood of $100 million. This all suggests that an instant 140-character “tweet” meets some communications needs better than a… Read more »

Open Mic Night

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Reverend Jesse Jackson’s recent verbal gaffe, in which he made some derisive comments about presidential hopeful Barack Obama (not providing a link due to language—you can google it) reminded me of media relations’ Golden Rule: Never say anything to a journalist you wouldn’t be completely comfortable seeing in print or on air. The interview does… Read more »