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Favorite Rebrand Contest

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First of all, I’d like to welcome all of you Facebookers to the Identity blog, ID Tags. It’s been a long time coming if this just happens to be your first visit. We keep her updated in the most timely of fashions, loaded with relevant PR and social media content, so feel free to bookmark… Read more »

What Real-Time Google Search Means For PR

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Yesterday, Google announced major changes to their search service with the integration of real-time search results. Beginning in a few days, recent updates on sites like Twitter and brand new blog posts will appear on the search results page, exposing the millions of people who visit Google each month to conversations taking place within public… Read more »

What's In a Brand?

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Identity Has Redefined and Relaunched Our Brand. Here’s Why, and How… Is there ever a good time to overhaul your brand? Identity revamps are a part of branding life. Even the most consistent corporate icons, such as the famed McDonald’s arches, or Coca-Cola’s script logo, evolve over time. The decision to reboot one’s corporate image… Read more »

What Should Your Social Media Agency Do for You?

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The biggest barrier to social media entry for most companies we talk to is one of “Where do I start?” The second most prevalent barrier revolves around the most often asked question we receive when discussing social media with businesses and their teams: “How much time will this take?” For far too many, the discussion… Read more »

Social Networking and Social Media (and why they're not the same)

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As I was sitting with a prospective client this week, I was asked a familiar but interesting question: “Does social media work for business-to-business companies?” It’s a fair question, and one we hear a lot. One can accessibly and intuitively grasp how social media marketing can benefit a well-known consumer brand, but it is more… Read more »