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How to Fully Take Advantage of LinkedIn

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Our social media team has done our fair share of LinkedIn trainings and presentations for clients, both in the B2B and B2C spaces. What we’ve learned is that for many professionals, LinkedIn is one of those networks they know it’s important to be on, yet they aren’t on it, don’t completely fill out their profile… Read more »

Creating the Perfect Toolkit for Event PR & Social Media

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Last week, I had the opportunity to spend two days at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. One of the world’s most prestigious luxury and classic car auction companies, Barrett-Jackson hosts major flagship events that attract hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world. Barrett-Jackson events are also broadcasted on SPEED, allowing viewers to watch the rare and exotic vehicles cross the auction block from the comfort of their own couch.

Look Before You Leap: How to Use Facebook Strategically

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Instead of considering the proper use for a Facebook page, some business owners, or, I hate to say it, marketers, treat Facebook as just another way to slap advertisements and promotions in front of their fans. But if they really understood the platform, they’d realize Facebook is an opportunity to get on the same playing field as their customers. This is where information can be shared, conversation exchanged and feedback given. Suffice to say, this is more than a little scary to some big brands that aren’t used to open communication and public opinion.

Don’t Take a Summer Vacation From Your Work

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When the weather finally breaks and the sunshine is more appealing than your cubicle walls, it can be easy to fall prey to summer slacking. Clients or bosses may be taking vacations, easing the pressure on your workload, but it’s important to take advantage of any summer down time. Take a short vacation this summer if you can afford to, but don’t take a vacation from being productive and proactive.

Four Tips for Crafting Your Digital Marketing Budget

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Earlier this month, my friend Nate Riggs invited me to speak at the 2011 Ohio Growth Summit to a room full of entrepreneurs and companies interested in expanding their involvement in the digital space. While the event’s other speakers focused more on digital tactics and strategy, I had the opportunity to discuss building marketing budgets that incorporate social media and other Web platforms. While my presentation’s focus was not as fun as the more common social media discussion topics, I found it to helpful for companies who truly wanted to connect all the dots of their digital strategy.

The Importance of Open Leadership, Plus a Book Giveaway

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Social networking site use is continuing to grow, both for personal and professional purposes. As of April 2011, the breakdown is as follows: 92 percent use on Facebook, 18 percent use on LinkedIn and 13 percent use on Twitter (source: B2B Social Media Guide, hat tip to Arik Hanson for using the stat in this post).

Regardless of the number of statistics and case studies that surface proving that the use of social media has exploded in recent years, top executives continue giving push back to employees who want to test the social media waters. From my experience working with companies from various industries, there are two main reasons why executives aren’t thrilled about employees and the company using social media: (1) They don’t understand the business value and think social media does nothing but produce unproductive employees and (2) they’re scared of the vulnerability and transparency that comes along with giving up total control when utilizing social media for business purposes.