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High Performance Tips: Media Relations Lessons From a USSR Sports Machine

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As a kid, I was a competitive figure skater with a stern Russian coach and a training regimen that made CrossFit look like hopscotch. I learned quite a few life lessons from that world of practicing, perfecting and performing at a high level—many of which apply to PR and business. Once, when I was about… Read more »

Five Tips for PR Newbies

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Good public relations starts with a strong foundation and a keen understanding of how to properly execute the components of a strategic communications plan. If you’re new to the PR industry, here are five tips you can implement to help you advance your knowledge, further your experience and achieve success for your clients. Proofread proofraed… Read more »

The Key to Creating Media Buzz Around a Hotel Acquisition or New Development

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Times are changing in the real estate and investment markets. As the housing market has continued to improve, with home prices here in Michigan up 53% over this time last year, we are seeing this trend of “slow, but steady” progress on the commercial real estate front as well. Many of our hospitality industry clients… Read more »

Humans: We All Make Mistakes

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Paula Deen’s recent predicament should remind all companies, and the public figures who speak for them, to take stock in how they operate and prepare for a communications crisis. By getting ahead of concerns and asking themselves: “How are we going to respond in the face of a PR disaster,” brands can put into place… Read more »

Case Study: Leveraging an Integrated Marketing Model

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At Identity, we believe great marketing has the power to change the course of history. Great work is not just an expectation, it’s our business model. We live it. We breathe it, daily. You can check out some of the great work and case studies on our website. This post is part of a continuing series in… Read more »

How Public Relations is Similar to the Ultimate Dining Experience

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When I first started as an account executive at Identity, I was concurrently working as the weekend manager at a local bar/restaurant. Everyone asked me how I was able to balance two very different professional endeavors, and I would simply reply they are in fact, quite similar and in many ways complement each other. Sound… Read more »