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Why Your Media Relations Strategy Should Change With the Seasons

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Each of the four seasons has various trends and holidays associated with it—from back-to-school and holiday shopping, to tax season and how to beat the heat—and a plethora of media opportunities as a result. Regardless of the industry a business is in or the audience it’d targeting, there are opportunities to garner great media coverage by developing stories centered on seasons and holidays. The key is to take a step back and observe what’s going on around you. Ask this question: Is there a way to interject your business into a seasonal event or holiday happening in your local market or nationally?

Mission Engage: Why Businesses Should Be Active in Community Involvement

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In a competitive business environment, raising awareness of services and differentiators is key. One of the best ways to set your company apart from the competition is through community involvement. Often times, gaining and maintaining community support is an integral component to a business’ future. To develop and execute a successful and comprehensive engagement plan, your company needs to commit to being actively involved in the community in which you work. At Identity, we frequently develop and execute unique community engagement programs that accomplish defined goals and strategies, while interjecting companies’ unique brand voices. Whether your company is building an ongoing charitable campaign, hosting a community event, launching a social media program or simply looking to get more involved in the community, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as your company looks to 2014 and beyond:

Open For Business – Real Estate Reporters Hungry For Good News

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The last six years have been challenging for the commercial real estate world, as well as those of us handling real estate public relations for the companies operating in that space. Among the hardest hit have been the large, retail anchored mixed-use projects. These projects typically take three-to-five years to develop from ground breaking to grand opening. Due to the poor economic conditions over the past five years, many developers have either sat on the sidelines or developed smaller, less complex projects.

High Performance Tips: Media Relations Lessons From a USSR Sports Machine

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As a kid, I was a competitive figure skater with a stern Russian coach and a training regimen that made CrossFit look like hopscotch. I learned quite a few life lessons from that world of practicing, perfecting and performing at a high level—many of which apply to PR and business. Once, when I was about… Read more »

Five Tips for PR Newbies

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Good public relations starts with a strong foundation and a keen understanding of how to properly execute the components of a strategic communications plan. If you’re new to the PR industry, here are five tips you can implement to help you advance your knowledge, further your experience and achieve success for your clients. Proofread proofraed… Read more »

The Key to Creating Media Buzz Around a Hotel Acquisition or New Development

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Times are changing in the real estate and investment markets. As the housing market has continued to improve, with home prices here in Michigan up 53% over this time last year, we are seeing this trend of “slow, but steady” progress on the commercial real estate front as well. Many of our hospitality industry clients… Read more »