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Congratulations! You’re in the News — Now What?

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We all know that great feeling when we see our name or our company’s name in print or on TV. In that moment, we think of all of the important people reading or watching with us — and the deep impact the story could have — but do we know who’s really paying attention?

While the total amount of information we take in is at an all time high, deciphering what media the average person will consume in a day has become similar to throwing darts — not knowing exactly where they’ll hit.

Best Practices for Trade Show Media (and Client) Relations

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Trade shows. Every industry has them (case in point, The National Needlearts Association “Nashville Needlework Market”). A large percentage of our clients go to them. Whether there to attend educational sessions, entertain clients or display as exhibitors, media opportunities abound…if you know where to look and plan ahead. Trade show media (and client) relations takes a relationship, not a one-night stand. I recently attended the National Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo in Orlando. Here are some lessons learned!

Good and Bad of Best Buy Blog

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By now you’ve likely read about the negative press Best Buy has been receiving, and you may have even read the CEO’s blog response to the coverage. This response has been receiving the predictable praise and pans from various circles of the blogosphere…and with good reason. There are some things the response managed to achieve very successful, and in my opinion there are some things Best Buy could have done better.

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Is This Media Darling's Brand Tarnished?

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Keeping up with the Kardashians—how can you not?

This has been even easier to do since Kim announced her divorce after 72 days of marriage. The media spotlight has been the name of the family’s game lately—even more so than usual.

This entire situation further begs questions about the authenticity of this family. From a branding perspective, negative questions like, “Is Kim genuine?”, “Did she marry for love or money?”, “Was the marriage all for the television spotlight?”, have definitely garnered more naysayers. With this post on her website, she tried to explain her actions to fans, but it’s yet to be seen if this stunt will negatively impact her brand of perfumes, diet pills, clothing line or other endorsements. Will her beloved celebrity status fade as a result?

Rick Perry’s Predicament Serves as a Lesson in Preparation

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Be prepared in order to avoid mistakes… and be prepared to manage when you make them anyway.

Politics, paparazzi princesses, professional athletes…anyone who is a position to present themselves to their communities needs to be prepared to manage their perception like any company manages a brand.

During last week’s republican debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry initiated a media frenzy with an embarrassing flub of forgetting a major portion of his political platform—an agency he would choose to remove from government.