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Should I Have a Blog?

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Interesting question. And one that we get a lot. The answer, of course, is not the same to all who pose it. So dependent on a company’s goals, mission, audience and industry — as well as its capacity to take on the work of maintaining a blog — is the answer, that I would not… Read more »

New Year's Resolutions for PR

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It’s that time of year again — time to make a well-intended list of our top priorities for the new year…all of which we’ll forget come January 16th or so. But it shouldn’t be so. When doing your company’s strategic planning, new year’s resolutions are not made to be broken — they chart your company’s… Read more »

What's In a Brand?

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Identity Has Redefined and Relaunched Our Brand. Here’s Why, and How… Is there ever a good time to overhaul your brand? Identity revamps are a part of branding life. Even the most consistent corporate icons, such as the famed McDonald’s arches, or Coca-Cola’s script logo, evolve over time. The decision to reboot one’s corporate image… Read more »

25 Reasons to Be a Thankful PR Practioner

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In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here are my top 25 things a public relations practitioner can be thankful for: (in no particular order) ____________________________________________________________________________________ – Vocus, BurrellesLuce and Cision (and others) – PR Newswire, BusinessWire, PRWeb, etc. – ProfNet – HARO – Video Monitoring Services – Free conversation monitoring tools, like Netvibes, and the… Read more »

What Can Twitter Teach Us About Advertising?

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The 140-character world. That’s where we live nowadays, thanks to Twitter and other social media sites where “status updates” proliferate. Thanks to a bombardment of byte-sized packets of information and headlines, we have been conditioned to have the attention span of an infant newt. As a result, marketers must play to our ADD-influenced personae. At… Read more »

Mobile Web v. Mobile Phones

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Looking out over the horizon of geekery, I see two very compelling trends on a potential collision course. Where and when they collide could make for some very interesting consequences. One is the trend toward developing websites for mobile devices, and the other is the mobile device technology itself. A train leaves L.A. bound for… Read more »