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Guiding a Corporate Rebrand From Start to Finish: Michigan Mutual, Inc.

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This past January, the Identity team took on the challenge of launching three (yes, three!) new brands in five days. With specialists in brand experience, creative, media relations and marketing, and social media, Identity leads companies through every step of the rebranding process—whether it involves refreshing a company’s brand image, launching an entirely new brand… Read more »

Commercials: Over and Over and Over

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I don’t want to sound too much like Andy Rooney here (now try to not read this in his voice). I watch limited TV, but when I do, I’ve noticed commercials have started to follow of similar pattern: multiple brands and multiple messages all using the exact same execution to make us, the consumer, buy… Read more »

Big News From Identity – New Partner & Video Series

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Today is an exciting day at the Identity office! First, we just announced that Andrea Trapani is now partner. She’s joining Mark Winter to help us continue growing the agency. Huge congrats to Andrea! Next, the social media team has been working hard on developing a video series. Today, we launched the first video in… Read more »

Understanding Brand Strategy to Better Understand Customers

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My philosophy on brand strategy has always been simple: Listen to what your market wants, and then give it to them. It sounds too easy to be true, but it is the most effective way to get your brand strategy back on track and working for you. Many companies spend a lot of time and money… Read more »

Brandjacking—What’s Mine is (Not) Yours

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I started my Wednesday morning last week with a very disturbing e-mail from Brandon Chesnutt, our director of social media, sharing two unbelievable screen shots from a new competitor in the market. We’ll call her Voldemort. The first image was taken directly from Voldemort’s home page. As you can see from the following images from our… Read more »