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Why It's Not Too Late to Start Using Social Media For Business

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Question – Are you using social media for business purposes? If not, is part of the reason why you’re not because you think the opportunity ship has sailed? If you answered yes (don’t kid yourself, a maybe is a yes!), my intention for writing this post is to encourage you that you’re not too late and now is as good of a time as ever to get active on the social Web.

Yes, Facebook is primed to hit 1 billion users this year, and yes newer networks like Google+ and Pinterest are gaining momentum every day with new users. Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you, but take a look at these social media statistics for 2012 to get a good idea of just how much opportunity exists for your company online.

Video of the Week: At Twitter, the Future is You!

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Oh how we love Video of the Week posts on the Identity blog. It gives us an excuse to sift through all the nonsensical and wacky videos on the Internet to find one worthy of donning the treasured Video of the Week title. Although some of us, [cough] Brandon Chesnutt [cough], spend way too many weekly hours outside of Video of the Week searches watching ridiculous YouTube videos.

Friday Video – Kaylee Blowing Out the Candle

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Happy Friday! It’s dreary and slushy in Detroit, so we need a fun video for an afternoon pick-me-up.

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Little Kaylee has to blow out her birthday candle to make a wish, but she’s having a tough time. She certainly is determined, though! Maybe a little too determined, because I feared she would pass out before the video ended! Take a look, and enjoy a chuckle. Kids make for such good YouTube content, don’t they???

The Art of Storytelling in Marketing & How You Can Learn From Chevy

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How many predictions posts related to the communications world have you read in the past month? My guess would be at least 10. There have been all sorts of predictions, some interesting observations about the year ahead (such as small is big and social media crises will continue) and others just stating what we’ve already been talking about for awhile now (like content rules and measurement is in). For more smart observations about the year ahead, Shauna Nicholson makes you think with her expectations for 2012 in this post about marketing beliefs.

Top ID Tags Posts in 2011

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We’re about to wrap up another successful year at Identity. 2011 was a pretty big year for us. It was the first full year we spent in our new office space. We added both new clients and new team members. And most importantly, we have tons of examples of great work that we can be proud of from this past year.