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Talking Points Alone Don't Guarantee a Successful Interview

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I move slow first thing in the morning, so I sacrifice about 20 minutes of sleep to watch the morning news while I have breakfast and drink coffee.

Recently, I’ve watched a few interviews on Good Morning America and The TODAY Show with Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn from the Tea Party Caucus. I was impressed by her ability to remember so many statistics, rattle off numbers without stumbling and remain confident and poised even as the interview threw tough questions her way.

Chrysler Communications Pros Open Up About Social Media

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If you pay any attention to how large corporate companies are using social media for marketing and business purposes, you’re probably well aware of what Ford and General Motors are doing in the social space. Ford created the wildly popular Fiesta Movement and is very active on social channels. Not to mention Ford has a very smart and visible social media team leader – Scott Monty. General Motors created the Chevrolet SXSW Road Trip Challenge (which I was lucky enough to participate in this year with an amazing team) and also has a commanding presence on social channels. Former General Motors social media director Christopher Barger did an amazing job of giving Ford some major competition in the social space.

Looking Back at My First South By Southwest Experience

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South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) is one of those events I’ve been hearing about for years and wondering when I would get my chance to experience it firsthand. Luckily, opportunity came knocking this year.

The Chevrolet team asked me to participate in its second annual SXSWi road trip challenge, and I humbly accepted. I couldn’t have asked for a better team (we choose the name Team Motown to properly represent our Detroit heritage). While the road trip was exhausting, spending three days creating content on the fly was a challenging and rewarding experience. I had so much fun!

Video of the Week: Rebecca Black's Friday Song

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Watch out Justin Bieber. Rebecca Black has entered the teenybopper pop scene. And the video for her song, Friday, is blowing up on YouTube.

Blowing up because it’s a great song? Nope. It’s actually so horrible that it’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure that’s why it has more than 15 million views on YouTube.

Video of the Week: Babies Laughing Hysterically

Posted by & filed under Video of the Week. does a great job of including funny videos in its PR Daily News newsletter. In case you missed the Baby Laughing Hysterically at Tearing Paper video, we’re sharing it here as our Video of the Week feature. Although my heart belongs to hilarious cat videos, I’m also very fond of hilarious baby videos. This one may be my new favorite!

HAPPO Event Recap & Important Resume Advice

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As the Michigan Help a PR Pro Out (HAPPO) champ, I was proud to host the first in-person HAPPO event at Identity last week in conjunction with PRSA Detroit. We had an awesome turnout (approximately 40 people)! Our event was part networking and part resume critique/workshop. Identity’s video extraordinaire, Taylor Hulyk, put together this fun video from the event: