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Social Media Authenticity: How to Win Hearts and Minds

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This week, I had the great opportunity to sit down with the CEO of a well-known Michigan brand for a brief chat about social media, media relations and marketing. During the course of our conversation about social media and how it could move his company forward, he shared a thought regarding social media authenticity that stuck with me:

Social Media at Trade Shows: Tips For When You’re Not On Site

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Social Media at Trade Shows

Late last year, we discussed tips on how to select the right trade shows for your company. It’s no secret that participating in these events can help create new contacts, strengthen existing relationships and aid in generating new levels of awareness for your products and services. We’ve also helped our clients maximize the value of participating in industry events by implementing programs specifically designed to leverage social media at trade shows.

However, the stars do not always align to the point where we can have a team member onsite at an event. Once the booth space is selected and the travel arrangements are made, budgets don’t always account for sending social media specialists. So, how do you make the most out of your efforts on social media if you do not have a social media team member on site?

Leverage Blog Content Seeding to Gain New Readers

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blog content seeding

A few weeks ago, a local organization here in Detroit was promoting the launch of its new website and blog. The company celebrated the launch by hosting a Facebook contest and giving away prizes, which is not an uncommon practice. The contest was outlined on a post that was featured on the newly launched blog. Normally, I’m not one to click on this type of posts. However, I was intrigued. I thought, “OK, I’ll bite.” What I experienced next reminded me why blog content seeding truly matters.

Identity New in Two – Tips For Improving Internal Communications

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Our latest New in Two video focuses on internal communications platforms. Every organization is communicating with its employees in one form or another. Whether those communications are part of a larger, strategic program or simply water cooler gossip is the real question. Unfortunately, internal communications is often viewed as an afterthought when preparing a holistic… Read more »