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The Ultimate Blog Red Flag That Proves Your Company Needs Help

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When I’m auditing the presence of a new or potential social media client, one of the first orders of business is to review the company’s content marketing efforts. More specifically, are they regularly creating and sharing information via a blog, newsroom or other channel in an effort to keep audiences engaged, drive visitors to targeted landing pages and impact long-tail SEO efforts?

Social Media Recruiting Strategies – Four Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time evaluating and auditing company websites and social media programs. More recently, much of my energy and effort has been focused on helping organizations improve their social media recruiting strategies. After analyzing the efforts of dozens upon dozens of companies big and small, there were several instances where companies did a lot of things right (which is positive and encouraging). Unfortunately, there were also a number of key areas where companies often miss out on important opportunities.

Social Media at Work – What to do When Employees Are Granted Access

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This month, one of Identity’s largest clients made a huge leap forward in regards to their social media program. With a few keystrokes, they granted their employees access to social media at work for the first time. Now, more than 13,000 of their team members can post on Facebook, browse Pinterest and comment on LinkedIn groups right from their work computers.

Four Social Media Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2014

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What are the social media strategies and tactics companies often overlook? Where do the opportunities exist for improving existing social media programs? How do I take my social media strategy to the next level?

These were just a few of the questions addressed during Identity’s Supercharge Your Social Media workshop. Hosted at the Identity office, this event offered insight into the social media trends, opportunities and challenges our team is currently tracking and tackling on a daily basis.