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Benefits of a Custom Website vs. Industry Website Providers

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Many industries like law, finance and automotive dealers have companies that provide industry-specific website solutions to small businesses that need an online presence, but do not have the financial resources, human capital or technical knowledge to create a custom website upon a new business venture.

How to Find Bloggers For Brand Partnerships

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how to find bloggers

Bloggers are a powerful group of people. Their readers can be fiercely loyal, genuinely care for the writer’s opinion and experiences and usually keep coming back for more.

Adding a blogger outreach component to your social media or marketing plan is similar to a media relations, but you’re pitching “regular” people, people who found a knack for writing about their passion and building a community around it. Finding the right bloggers interested in your service or product can result in a review, giveaway, general awareness about your offerings and who knows – hopefully even new customers! Original blog posts are great content to link to and add another layer of credibility when offering honest feedback.

An Evening With Social Media, The Big 3 and SMCD

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Last week, the Social Media Club Detroit (SMCD) crew gathered atop Detroit at Coach Insignia for a high-level look at the evolution of automotive social media through the eyes of the Big 3 – General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler.

After catching up with old friends and making new ones, the powerhouse panel took their seats to be guided by Identity’s very own Nikki Little as the panel moderator. Stimulating conversation and intriguing insight for the evening was provided by:

Marketing For Brands: How Beyonce’s Surprise Visual Album Spells Success

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When it comes to marketing for brands, it can be challenging and even uncomfortable to think creatively. However, if done so in a strategic and thoughtful way, implementing those ideas that are out of your comfort zone can often pay off in a big way.

To ensure your new marketing approach is a good fit, you should consider three things:

How to Turn Facebook Posts into Tweets (and Vice Versa)

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As many community managers know, you often have the same message to spread across different platforms, a skill in itself. Messages should be tailored to their respective audiences and platform constraints. This often includes transforming messages from an “unlimited” amount of space (Facebook) into a micro-message limited to 140 characters (Twitter).

How to Masterfully Curate Social Media Photo Campaigns

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photo curation

Social media is a fantastic way to feature your organization’s spirit and work culture, no matter what its size. Organizations with multiple locations across cities, states and countries often have a plethora of events happening all year long, and many of them probably want to share photos of what they’re up to.