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How to Turn Facebook Posts into Tweets (and Vice Versa)

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As many community managers know, you often have the same message to spread across different platforms, a skill in itself. Messages should be tailored to their respective audiences and platform constraints. This often includes transforming messages from an “unlimited” amount of space (Facebook) into a micro-message limited to 140 characters (Twitter).

How to Masterfully Curate Social Media Photo Campaigns

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photo curation

Social media is a fantastic way to feature your organization’s spirit and work culture, no matter what its size. Organizations with multiple locations across cities, states and countries often have a plethora of events happening all year long, and many of them probably want to share photos of what they’re up to.

Email Marketing Design & Development Tips That Lead to Success

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email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of getting your company’s message in front of a wide range of people. One major advantage to this method is that e-blasts tend to live longer than social media content, often because e-blasts are more thorough, frequently revisited and forwarded. You’re also able to cover a lot more info and utilize a more dynamic, customized presentation.

These advantages come with a bit of a catch. Email marketing can be finicky. Since email programs don’t update technology as often or as extensively as Web browsers, developing an e-blast that works can prove to be a little tougher than what you may have learned in an HTML crash course. There are a few rules of thumb on both the development and design side of e-blast creation that are important to incorporate when developing any type of e-marketing program.

Strategic Public Relations For Commercial Real Estate Firms

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commercial real estate

A strategic marketing and public relations plan can make a significant impact on your commercial real estate firm. By engaging in a strategy focused on brand awareness and reputation, any real estate organization and its leadership team can become a trusted and relevant media source. A well-defined and successfully executed strategy can also bring additional business opportunities, including new leads.

Why Your Owned Content Deserves a Boost

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Social media can be compared to bait on a fishing lure, thrown out into a sea of millions of potential and existing customers and advocates. Engaging content reels people in to get them interacting with your brand and sharing their connection with it online–often highlighting your prized catches. But, you might have trouble hooking the… Read more »