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4 Ways Suppliers Can Make a PR Impact at the North American International Auto Show

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It’s coming…and it’ll be here before we know it. If you’re connected to the automotive industry, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes – the North American Industry Auto Show, the single biggest event in the automotive world.

It’s the opportunity for OEMs to showcase their newest products and concepts not only to consumers (many of whom brave blizzards, ice storms and power outages to attend), but also to journalists from all over the world.

However, media coverage isn’t only limited to the automakers. NAIAS is the perfect time for suppliers to reveal the latest technology and components that help make the vehicles what they are today.

Rick Perry’s Predicament Serves as a Lesson in Preparation

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Be prepared in order to avoid mistakes… and be prepared to manage when you make them anyway.

Politics, paparazzi princesses, professional athletes…anyone who is a position to present themselves to their communities needs to be prepared to manage their perception like any company manages a brand.

During last week’s republican debate, Texas Governor Rick Perry initiated a media frenzy with an embarrassing flub of forgetting a major portion of his political platform—an agency he would choose to remove from government.

The Many Masks of PR Professionals

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At trick-or-treating time when costumes aren’t easily identified, you commonly hear “What are you exactly?” At many points where I share with others for the first time that I have a Public Relations degree, I commonly hear “What are you exactly?” I am happy to say that although I decided to graduate in the crux of this uncertain economic climate, I picked a profession that dressed me for success.

In honor of Halloween, I started thinking about the many masks of PR pros—masks that enable us to be anything we want to be. We can carve our craft any way we want it to face.