The Power of Thank You

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We recently showcased our team’s role in the great success of the 124th Oakland County Lincoln Day Dinner. It was the largest event of its kind in the United States.

Within three days of the event’s conclusion, I received a personal letter from the keynote speaker, Donald Trump. He thanked the entire Identity team for all of our hard work and attention to detail with regards to media engagement and support.

Though only a few paragraphs, the letter had a profound impact on our team. It was passed around the office and shared with family and friends. And, it was pushed out via several social media channels. Words have great power. Take the time to place those words on a nice sheet of paper and mail it, and that power can, and likely will, be compounded exponentially.

When is the last time you sent a “Thank You” note? If a celebrity and business billionaire can find the time to deliver such a powerful personalized message, you can too.

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Mark Winter is managing partner and co-founder of Identity, where he shares day-to-day responsibilities for the management and growth of the firm. He has more than 20 years of experience in the development and execution of creative, meaningful and measurable marketing and media relations programs. During that time, Mark has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, small and midsize companies and large corporations establish their brands, tell their stories, generate awareness, soften their sales process and meet their goals.