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  • It’s not a coincidence that in virtually all cases where a CEO’s or entrepreneur’s brand has become enmeshed with the brand of the business, that business occupies a coveted place in the professional brandscape.

    Think about Bill Gates and Microsoft, Tesla and Elon Musk, or Apple and Steve Jobs. The creativity and innovation we associate with those brands are/were personified in the person of those chief executives, larger than life figures whose energy and initiative have become inextricably linked with the companies they built.

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  • Over the past decade, our world has become increasingly digital. Consumers are going online at a rapid pace to look for information to support their buying decisions. Your customers, partners and competitors are likely using social media, so it makes sense for you to be part of the conversations that are unfolding.

    The truth is, most companies know they need to be on social media, but they’re not sure how to connect the dots between, say, a Facebook post and business results. If social media has you scratching your head, you’re not alone.

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